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Elham Yaghoubian is a writer, translator, political and human rights activist. first novel, Daryāye Khamūsh (“Silent Darya”), at the age of sixteen, and is recognized as the first Iranian Jewish woman novelist in Iran. She received her Bachelor degree in Foreign Language Translation from Tehran Azad University in 1994 and published her second book, Tondbāde Sarnevesht (“Storm of Destiny”), in 1996, after which it was republished four times. She was later approached by an Iranian producer who wished to adapt her novel into a screenplay, but after the government censored her books without permission, she decided to decline this request.

Elham was one of the founding members and head editors of the Jewish journal Bina, later renamed Ofoghe-Bina. Ofoghe-Bina’s mission is to present and clarify the Iranian Jewish community’s standpoint through articles, reports, diaries, and discussions on Judeo-Persian rituals and customs. Elham collaborated with this journal as one of the head editors and writers until her migration to the United States. 


Silence of Darya

Published in Tehran/Iran By Miaad Publishing 1993

Storm of Destiny

Published in Tehran/Iran First to the third edition by Miaad Publishing 1996 Forth by Arta publishing/ Los Angeles 2002

The Candle's Tear

Published in Tehran/Iran By Alborz Publishing 1999

Directory of Zoroastrian Fire Temples

Published in Tehran/Iran

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