My opening at Holocaust Memorial and Iran during the Holocaust

Genocide; elimination, devastation, annihilation and destruction of the most valuable and absolutely precious gift of our universe: Life, eradication of life, but not just by coincidences or personal hatred but the intention of the vanishing of a generation. The most tragic fact, however, is the murdering of humankind, the execution of humanity and innocence per se. More than 50 million people were systematically murdered in the past 100 years- the century of mass murder.” It does not concern merely the Shoah, The massacre of Armenians, genocidal mass slaughter in Rwanda, Bosnian genocide, these and other killings make the 20th century the bloodiest period in human history.” In this sense “Holocaust”, a Greek definition often interpreted as “completely burnt”, and first of all associates the catastrophe of the World War II but perhaps the main core of the fascist intentions of those responsible executors cannot be elucidated via this term: the systematic eradication of people, let’s say a “race”! Yes, we are subsequently talking about the facts. The historical remembrance, the omnipresent memory of the people to be vital, transparent and relevant to our current life; let say documentation of horrors, transmitting of realities and their brutality actualized by the ignorance and absence of humanity. All there are uncompromising tasks of every individual with a minimal talent of moral integrity and conscience. Thanks to these facts, now we are able to resist the denial and the indifference of those governments and their sympathizers as well as so-called authors who ignore and even perpetuate victims of Shoa. That’s why our first and most crucial obligation has to be holding the memory vital as never expect these atrocities to happen again to anyone, anywhere again ever.

نسل کشی، پایمال نمودن والاترین ارزش انسانی، همانا جان بشر. این سترگترین جنایت تاریخی، قرن بیستم را قرنی با شماری فراتر از ۵۰ ملیون کشتار سازمان یافته ی دسته جمعی، بدل به خونبارترین سده ی تاریخ نموده . باشد تا با یادآورد هماره و هماره ی این نه یهودی کشی ها، نه هالوکاست ها و نه کوره های آدم سوزی. بلکه آدم کشی ها, سدی شویم برابر تکرار دوباره ی تاریخ. باشد تا این تکرار مکرر فراموشی حافظه ی تاریخی مان را مانعی باشد